International ISAO Network (IIN)

The International ISAO Network (IIN) is a non-profit at Kennedy Space Center that grows cyber intelligence communities to address the needs of the health and community transportation sectors to meet regulatory requirements, reduce cyber risk, and identify cyber threats.

These communities operate as Information Sharing & Analysis Organizations (ISAOs) as described in Executive Order 13691. Through Executive Order 13691, IIN’s Population Health and Community & Transportation ISAOs help to:

  • Protect the privacy and civil liberties of individuals
  • Preserve business confidentiality
  • Safeguard the information being shared

These two ISAOs are particularly interconnected, as the health and transportation sectors are increasingly sharing electronic information to improve health access in communities worldwide. IIN recognizes that cyber exploits used against one type of industry are often used against another.

IIN works closely with the International Association of Certified ISAOs (IACI), which is led by former U.S. Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity Program Director Michael Echols. IACI-associated ISAOs form an interconnected ISAO network, creating a national neighborhood watch program.

IIN’s headquarters is at the Global Situational Awareness Center at the NASA/Kennedy Space Center Astronaut Memorial Foundation. We hope to see you there at a Population Health or Community & Transportation ISAO event!