Frequently Asked Questions

What’s an ISAO?

Under Presidential Executive Order 13691, Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations (ISAOs) are to:

  • Voluntarily disseminate critical cyber and related information
  • Communicate critical cyber and related information to help prevent, detect, mitigate or recover from the effects of a cyber systems’ interference, compromise or incapacitation
  • Analyze cyber-related information to ensure critical digital systems’ availability, integrity and reliability

If my organization shares information with an ISAO will it be penalized?

Executive Order 13691 is designed to PROTECT its participants (individuals and healthcare organizations) against being penalized as they share information regarding cyber-related breaches, interference, compromise or incapacitation. Executive Order 13691 allows the Population Health ISAO to:

  • Protect the privacy and civil liberties of individuals
  • Preserve business confidentiality
  • Safeguard the information being shared

What is the Secure Together program?

Secure Together is the flagship program provided by the Population Health ISAO in partnership with IACI and QIX. Secure Together allows health organizations to learn from each other in real-time.

Who does the Population Health ISAO help?

The Population Health ISAO is the cyber intelligence community for healthcare providers working together to meet regulatory requirements, reduce cyber risk and identify cyber threats in the healthcare environment.

The Population Health ISAO prioritizes the cyber-readiness needs of small to mid-sized safety net facilities and health systems (e.g., Community Health Centers, behavioral health centers, rural or community hospitals) as these facility types increasingly are sharing data with larger entities and one another.

One of Population Health ISAO’s missions is to assist the healthcare organizations that have not “crossed the cybersecurity digital divide.” The Population Health ISAO ensures that Medicaid facility needs are addressed as many Medicaid facilities are lacking the resources, training, and protected information systems to deal with vulnerabilities and threats.

How will the Secure Together Program be funded?

The Population Health ISAO is working closely with the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), and states to access funding for Medicaid facilities. For states that do not accept supplementary Medicaid funding from the federal government, the Population Health ISAO ensures that the fee for Secure Together is affordable for healthcare organizations of any size.

Join the Population Health ISAO and benefit from Secure Together

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