Secure Together℠

Secure Together℠ is the flagship program provided by IIN for the PH-ISAO and the C&T-ISAO in partnership with QIX and IACI.

Secure Together assist your organization to perform security risk assessments, develop required policies and procedures, receive governmental liability/penalty protections if you must report a data breach caused by a cyberattack, and implement IT Operations improvements that increase IT effectiveness, reduce IT costs, and reduce organizational risk.

Through the ISAOs, Secure Together helps health and transportation organizations of any size become compliant, provide staff training and implement real-time security collaboration with other organizations nationwide.

How It Works

  1. We help you complete a Security Risk Assessment.
    • Complete a security risk assessment using the QI EXPRESS security solution
    • Perform an Internal vulnerability assessment
    • Develop a Security Risk Assessment Report including key IT operational improvements that will increase effectiveness and reduce costs
    • Evaluate data security compliance (HIPAA for healthcare)
    • Implement ongoing system monitoring
  2. We provide you ongoing IT Threat and Vulnerability Analyses.
    • Provide ongoing threat and risk reports
    • Conduct quarterly vulnerability assessments
  3. You receive annual licenses for:
    • QIX EXPRESS Security Solution. QIX provided an All in One security and IT operations improvement cloud-based assessment and remediation solution.
    • IACINet. IACINet is an actionable globally-trusted threat intelligence information sharing infrastructure and dashboard, filtered for your facility’s needs.
  4. You receive Security Compliance Framework Implementation Assistance.
    • Implement required security policies and procedures
    • Implement NIST CSF & HICP security processes
    • Develop key IT risk management plans


To get a short demo of the project process, get you questions answered, get exact pricing and receive a statement of work to begin, please contact:

Contact Kendra Siler, PhD at or Robert Zimmerman at

Secure Together℠ is a service offered by IIN in conjunction with IACI and QIX.